"Arizona Gets a Break"

Russell Pearce

After writing and defending a law that would allow police officers to question a person's citizenship for getting a parking ticket, Arizona state senator Russell Pearce was removed from office in a public election that took place last night. I never supported this law, and see it, personally, as a rough and humiliating slap at illegal immigrants.

It is not the state's duty to catch and imprison people who do not have valid documents. There is a whole department at the Federal level dedicated to ensuring this process is carried out fairly and accurately. What if I forget to signal while changing lanes, get pulled over, and don't have my passport handy? Do I go to jail and wait for the cops to sort things out? I mean really, what good does this do for anyone? This law is just another Republican attempt to wield undeserved power.

At any rate, I'm glad he's not in congress any more.

Read more at The Christian Science Monitor.

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