"NMB Rejects AFA Accusations"

Side of Delta aircraft

After nearly a year of deliberating, the National Mediation Board has found the Association of Flight Attendants' claim--that Delta interfered with the 2010 flight attendant union election process--does not warrant a revote.

The AFA has been trying desperately to win Delta: campaigning for over 5 years, and managing to force 3 elections--inevitably loosing each one. The NMB even changed the voting rules this last time around, stating that a union was not, in fact, the majority of a labor group, but was rather a "union" of a majority of those who felt like voting for a union. Despite this rule change that clearly favored the AFA, they did not prevail in winning this smaller version of a "majority".

It is the policy of the Board to take seriously any accusation of voting interference; which the AFA was quick to file after loosing. Again. Now that the claims have been set aside, the employees of Delta Airlines can move ahead with the merger with Northwest Airlines, and begin enjoying the benefits of a combined workgroup.

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