"An Atrocity in Cherokee County"

Jorelys Rivera, 7, of Canton, Ga.

I lived in Canton, GA for the entirety of 2 whole weeks. My reasons for moving to (and leaving) that city is a separate story, but I have memories of friendly people, good food, and plenty of nature. The good 'ol south.

What I_don't_remember is a son- of-a-bitch who had it in him recently to abuse, rape, and "dispose" of a 7 -year-old girl. This pathetic excuse for a man literally sexually assaulted a child and then threw her down the garbage chute when he was finished. I'm usually a stubborn advocate for American civil rights, due process, human equality and all, but this guy needs to burn.

Read the (heart gripping) story on msnbc.msn.com.

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