"Sarah Palin's Political Discourse"

Sarah Palin at CPAC

In case you (hopefully) missed it, here are the real show-stoppers from Palin's keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday:

"We are just dog-gone frustrated with the pace of change!"

"I say keep your change, we'll keep our god, our guns, and our constitution!"

"Mr. President, we don't want an economy built to last, we want an economy built to grow!"

"Mr. President, we want your administration to end!"

"'Hope and change', yeah you better_hope_things change!"


"They're hoppin' in a jacuzzi! America it's time we drain the jacuzzi and throw the bums out with the bath water!"

"The Tea Party rose up because Americans woke up!"

"We're not red! We're not blue! We are Red, White, and Blue, and President Obama we are_through_with you!"

I don't even know where to start.

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