"Gasping For Words"

Blurting without censorship.

One time-wasting habit of mine I should really break is reading comment threads on political articles--especially articles dealing with the upcoming election. The sheer mass of mindless ill-informed, half- thoughts that commenters spill out is just very sad. What makes it worse is the complete lack of grammar, spelling ability, and word choice discernment. I like to call it "Typing Tourett's."

Here is a random example from an ABC News article dealing with, well, it doesn't really matter:

UNFORUTANTELY 99% of us cars need oil. And YES, if US produced more OIL, we would dampen the effects of the world wide oil market. I'm not giving opinions, nor I'm I stating any left or right wing rhethoic. I'm simply stated UNDISPUTELY FACTS. But vote for OBAMA anyway. I like 15% unemploymeny, raising OIL prices, a divided national, unstoppable deficits, a failing dollar, and a man, who leads by pointing his finger and blaming.

You know, a government in a country such as ours can only be as smart, wise, and effective as the people who elect it into place. So look in the mirror America, and then start talking about change.

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