"Two Subdomains, One Django"

I want to serve two sub-domains from the same Django project--not unheard of, see the countless multi-lingual sites out there. My goal, however, is specifically to share the whole project, except for the URLs. In theory, I could make use of Django's"sites" framework. The first thing to do is create two "sites" in the back-end, then identify a specific one in two different settings files.

One for subdomain abc:

# settings_abc.py
from settings_base import *


And another for subdomain xyz:

# settings_xyz.py
from settings_base import *


Then in urls.py, I could create a conditional statement like so:

# urls.py
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site

curent_site = Site.objects.get(id=settings.SITE_ID)
if current_site.domain == 'abc.domain.com':
    urlpatterns = ( ... )
elif current_site.domain == 'xyz.domain.com':
    urlpatterns = ( ... )

This is me thinking out loud. I'll have to test it live to see how well it works. Eventually, I'd like one general purpose sub-domain, and then another sub-domain to serve secure content.

*[URL]: Universal Resource Locator

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