"Site Updates"

I just finished a pretty big round of revisions on dustinfarris.com. Included in this makeover:

  • Started using SASS for my style edits. Coupled with django-compressor, which has a built-in preprocessor to compile edits on the fly, my CSS is more intuitive than ever.
  • Major HTML5 refactoring. Although it may not be obvious from the outside, I pretty much gutted the entire markup and rewrote it with cleaner, and more accurate semantics.
  • Implemented microdata accross the site for SEO and exploratory purposes.
  • Upgraded to Django 1.4. (previously on 1.4a)
  • Installed dcramer's Sentry server to log errors and Raven for detection (and_loving_ it!)
  • Design updates--notice the new and improved background, sidebar, and search widget.

I plan on releasing the source to the public soon. Still making minor tweaks and updating documentation, after which it is my hope that this project will serve as a useful example of a small site to anyone who is interested in learning about Django.

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