"ImportError: cannot import name indexes"

I'm certainly not the first person to hit this caveat with django-haystack, as this error has been reported for over a year now. However, I had trouble finding a concise and reputable workaround. Daniel Lindsley, the guy behind django-haystack, has alluded to a workaround in the haystack docs, but only affirms it as the "right" fix in a somewhat buried GitHub issue comment. If you get this error, it is because of the way django-haystack sets up its indexes at the beginning of Django initialization. If there are any other applications attempting to do something similar, it can cause conflicts and circular imports, often leading to this error. First, instruct haystack not to load itself on initialization: :

    # settings.py ...

Haystack cannot function without these registrations however, so you have to "jump-start" it later in the startup process. I chose to use urls.py. Do this for every application utilizing haystack:

    # urls.py ...
    from appname import search_indexes

Finally, you'll have to modify manage.py so that commands like rebuild_index will continue to work:

    # manage.py ...
    from django.core.management import execute_from_command_line
    from projectname import search_sites

This is really the only way to keep django-haystack and other apps working in harmony until Django enhances its startup flow.

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