"RSS: Not a Fishing Pole"

I've decided to formally denounce truncated RSS feeds. I have become overtly annoyed by a handful of blogs I follow that break my Google Reader flow, and others agree with me.

The reason I love RSS so much is because it puts all of the people/organizations who write things I'm interested in in one spot. For me, that spot is Google Reader. Combined with some great keyboard shortcuts, surfing blogs that I know I'm interested in is seamless and enjoyable.

Then comes along that one blog coughKrugmancough that gives you a one-liner and a link to read the rest on the original site. This defeats the purpose of RSS! If I wanted to read it on your site, I would bookmark your site.

I myself am guilty of the truncated RSS crime, but as of today my blog's RSS feed is full HTML text. If that means less tracking ability, so be it. The world is a slightly better place now.

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