"Nonrequired Reading"

Via Synapse:

On my desk stand three books that 2501 was kind enough to let me borrow. 2 psychology, 1 management and 1 rethorics. As I was skimming through them I realized something.

Imagine this: These are books that contain secret knowledge. Not everyone can get their hands on them. The few who do will possess an edge over the rest.

Now remove the word "secret" from the first sentence. Nothing major changed. Most people don't read, don't look for knowledge and don't want to improve. If you do any of the above things, you'll be better than them. Not everyone can afford this or is capable of it.

I myself have thought for a long time that a certain skill is not worth learning if it can't be used often enough. While that sounds good in theory, in practice it does not work like that. This is the way to procrastinate and be lazy. I do that. Now I know, that while you might not ever need to use a particular skill for it's intended purpose, possessing the skill will give you a lot of perspective for everything else you do. That only is worth your while.

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