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What can top hosting your blog on GitHub Pages using Jekyll? Wrapping it all together with Octopress.

Octopress is an open-source blogging framework that wraps the above technologies in a nice package complete with automation in a Rakefile, a boilerplate theme, and lots of plugins.

But I didn't decide to use Octopress for the themes; in fact, I spent half a day gutting what it came with and dropping in bootstrap and my own design. Where octopress shines is in its integration with Jekyll and GitHub.

GitHub has a rather annoying (but probably necessary) stipulation on using Jekyll and their Pages to host your blog: No plugins allowed. I'm sure there are a hundred security reasons for this, but it makes doing, well, really anything outside of the Jekyll "box" impractical.

Octopress overcomes this roadblock by pre-compiling everything on your local machine before you deploy. With this strategy, you can use any and whatever automation/plugin tools you like. I, for one, am using a tagging plugin. Oh, and SASS is built in too!

I cloned Octopress and made several changes to the HTML layout and CSS. It is available on GitHub.

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