The State of ember-django-adapter

Current Version (0.4.x)

ember-django-adapter enables users to write applications using Django REST Framework and Ember.js.

ember-cli support

In June, I decided to extend @toranb's original ember-data-django-rest-adapter by creating an ember-cli addon. Basically, this involved grabbing the javascript dist files and bundling them into an npm-installable package. This now exists as ember-django-adapter which can be installed in your ember-cli project via:

npm install --save-dev ember-django-adapter

There are a few extra perks in the addon, such as blueprints for generating customizable adapter/serializer extensions.

Version 1.0 (in progress)

Since ember-cli is the future of Ember.js, we decided to move the entire codebase into the addon repository.

We are currently working toward a version 1.0 release of the adapter. I've been working with @benkonrath and @holandes22 to address outstanding issues and sort out documentation.

There are a few notable changes/improvements coming in version 1.0.

New test runner

The new codebase in 1.0 will use the addon test framework provided by ember-cli.

Support Django REST Framework >= 3.0

Some of the changes in DRF 3.0 along with changes in recent versions of Ember Data have simplified a lot of the work that needs to be done by the adapter. Because ember-cli is still somewhat bleeding edge, we decided to focus on DRF 3.0, and opt out of supporting 2.x.

For any users that this affects, I highly recommend upgrading to 3.0 if possible. @tomchristie put a tremendous amount of work into making the upgrade path as smooth as possible, and the improvements are well worth it.


Version 1.0 will support pagination; usage examples to follow.

Roadmap and Contributing

We plan to launch version 1.0 early in 2015. Please feel free to join the conversation either on GitHub or in IRC (#ember-django-adapter in Freenode). Testers and pull requests are always welcome. Check out the version-1.0 branch for more details.

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