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Moving to Medium

Going forward I'll be blogging on Medium. Please feel free to follow along:




Evernote logo

Every now and then I find myself on a gadget spree—spending more than an appropriate amount of time looking for new tools and apps to improve my work flow. On my last round of widget-hunting I discovered a note-taking app called Evernote.

Sounds like an over-glorified Notepad

It isn ...

Points to Consider

Paul Krugman:

  1. The economy isn't like an individual family that earns a certain amount and spends some other amount, with no relationship between the two. My spending is your income and your spending is my income. If we both slash spending, both of our incomes fall.

  2. We are now ...

"The History of Social Security"

With Republicans (even after a sweeping electoral defeat) demanding a strip-down of Social Security and other benefit programs, I think it is important for every American to reflect on why we have them in the first place. The Administration has a well-written document that everyone should read:

The History of ...

"Mitt Romney and Spain"

Brad Klapper:

"I don't want to go down the path of Spain," Romney said Wednesday night during the first presidential debate. He argued that government spending under Obama has reached 42 percent of the U.S. economy, a figure comparable with America's NATO ally. "I want to go ...

"Nonrequired Reading"

Via Synapse:

On my desk stand three books that 2501 was kind enough to let me borrow. 2 psychology, 1 management and 1 rethorics. As I was skimming through them I realized something.

Imagine this: These are books that contain secret knowledge. Not everyone can get their hands on them ...

"Mainstream Media Hiding in Your Closet"

FOX News is ready for the big debate tomorrow. They've peppered their front page with anti-Obama articles and released this special report on a poll revealing America's new enemy: Mainstream media.

FOX News thinks Mainstream media is America's enemy.

FOX denounces these evil media outlets as "unfair," and "biased." I'm sure many Tea-partiers wholeheartedly agree.

"Book Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt"

The Rise of Theodoore Roosevelt book cover

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

This mountain of a biography chronicles the life of Theodore Roosevelt before he became president at the age of 42. It is inspiring, insightful, and exceedingly well documented (over 100 pages of notes).

TR was noted for his integrity, personality, and masculinity ...

"A '47%' Grip on Reality"

I still hold that Romney's "gaffe" was no more than a simple appeasement to rich Republican donors. I highly doubt that he intended to offend anyone.

But he made a mistake: he got caught on camera. And now real people are really hurt.

That matters.

Especially when you now ...

"Ann Defending Mitt"

Romney's repetitious campaign fumbles have been the source of amusement for Democrats and frustration for Republicans. As members of his own party have been distancing themselves, Mrs. Romney jumps to his defense:

Stop It. This Is Hard.

Does anyone else remember this:

You know what else is hard? Being ...