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Evernote logo

Every now and then I find myself on a gadget spree—spending more than an appropriate amount of time looking for new tools and apps to improve my work flow. On my last round of widget-hunting I discovered a note-taking app called Evernote.

Sounds like an over-glorified Notepad

It isn ...

And now, Octopress

Octopress logo

What can top hosting your blog on GitHub Pages using Jekyll? Wrapping it all together with Octopress.

Octopress is an open-source blogging framework that wraps the above technologies in a nice package complete with automation in a Rakefile, a boilerplate theme, and lots of plugins.

But I didn't decide ...

From Django to GitHub Pages

I finally joined the cool club of hackers who host their blogs on GitHub Pages. I won't rave about the sheer awesomeness of using GitHub, Jekyll, and Markdown to write blogs because there are already about a hundred million other blogs out there doing just that. I will, though ...

Points to Consider

Paul Krugman:

  1. The economy isn't like an individual family that earns a certain amount and spends some other amount, with no relationship between the two. My spending is your income and your spending is my income. If we both slash spending, both of our incomes fall.

  2. We are now ...

"Testing in Django"

Writing tests and test-driven development has become all the rage lately; but before declaring assertions left and right, it's important to consider where, why, and how you will write your tests.

Different frameworks have different philosophies about how to go about this but, more often than not, developers tend ...

"2012 27\" iMac with 32GB Kingston HyperX"

After nearly 4 years of using a MacbookPro for all things internet, I've finally upgraded my home with a shiny new 27" iMac.

The new design is amazing, and yes, it's very, very fast. The point of this article, though, is to inform anyone curious that Kingston HyperX ...

".rvmrc and binstubs"

A while ago I wrote a script to help manage gemsets and PATH settings when switching between Ruby projects. It has worked very well, but I've recently learned about .rvmrc — yes, I'm still new at this.

Most RoR programmers probably know that one must prefix console commands with ...

"SEO Is Overrated"

Smashing Magazine has a good article today on the truth behind Search Engine Optimization "black magic." It's something I've been saying for years — SEO isn't rocket science, and "companies" who claim to provide (expensive) SEO expertise are merely taking advantage of the general public ignorance on the ...

"HTML5 Navigation in Django"

Creating a snappy user experience can be easily obtained by implementing HTML5 navigation. Not only does it take less time to render only the needed Django templates, the browser has less information to digest on the response.

Note that I do not use the popular method of using jQuery to ...

"The History of Social Security"

With Republicans (even after a sweeping electoral defeat) demanding a strip-down of Social Security and other benefit programs, I think it is important for every American to reflect on why we have them in the first place. The Administration has a well-written document that everyone should read:

The History of ...