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The State of ember-django-adapter

An increase in development activity has been taking place in the ember-django-adapter world. Here's a quick update.

Django/Ember Token Authentication

Authentication can be a real headache. Thankfully, Django REST Framework and Ember have taken care of the heavy-lifting already.

Django/Ember Authentication is Easy

[2013 Nov 29 Update]: This blog examines the use of session-based authentication. You may find token-based authentication more appropriate (as I have), in which case my more recent post will probably better suit your needs. Check out the latest

As I've previously explained, one of the biggest hurdles to ...

Authenticating Django/Ember

[2013 Sep 21 Update]: I've completely refactored this solution and have done a much better job of implementing it and explaining it. Check out the latest

The web app rage nowadays is to implement your backend as RESTfully as possible, and use Javascript frameworks to facilitate your controller and ...