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"Mainstream Media Hiding in Your Closet"

FOX News is ready for the big debate tomorrow. They've peppered their front page with anti-Obama articles and released this special report on a poll revealing America's new enemy: Mainstream media.

FOX News thinks Mainstream media is America's enemy.

FOX denounces these evil media outlets as "unfair," and "biased." I'm sure many Tea-partiers wholeheartedly agree.

"Today, on 'Fair and Balanced'"

Today's headline on Fox News highlights their philosophy of neutral reporting:

Fox News is awful

Meanwhile, in other tabloids:

Fox News look-a-like

"And now, Fox News"

How anyone can take Fox News seriously is beyond me. After yesterday's top story about an assertion found in an article by another conservative news paper about words a Democrat may or may not have said to an Israel ambassador, today we are enlightened with this headline:

Fox News is a joke

Does anyone ...

"Fair and Balanced Reporting (part 2)"

Yes, I spent another 30 seconds checking out Fox News' website today--which is 30 more seconds than could possibly have been healthy for me. As it did before, it blows my mind how such a wide reaching news network can stoop to posting tabloid-level headlines on the front page like ...

"Fair and Balanced... and GAY"

President Obama declared his support for gay marriage today. That's interesting news. What's also interesting is how the networks differ from each other when announcing the news.

Perhaps the differences are unnoticeable to some, but as a person who thinks critically about webpages for a living, I couldn ...